The Solution to High-Speed UV Tape Curing with Perfection

As any IC and LED chips maker would know, one of the key processes in the manufacturing world is wafer dicing. This involves mounting a wafer onto the UV tape before cutting it into individual units to be picked up for bonding in the next step of the manufacturing process. In order for pick-up to happen successfully, each firmly bonded unit must be perfectly released by first curing the UV glue used in the taping process. 

Traditionally, UV tape curing is done using conventional mercury UV lamps. This poses a number of problems in the curing process, which can result in serious yield loss in the downstream process.

Firstly, mercury UV lamps deteriorate over time. Secondly, mercury lamps need to be powered on continuously to maintain the required amount of heat, which results in high energy consumption. At the same time, the continuous use of nitrogen gas is necessary in order to prevent oxidation caused by high heat and this results in substantial running costs.  Besides this, the high heat from mercury lamps also hardens and damages UV tape’s elastic property. High heat could also cause partial detachment of the tape from the ring, rendering it unsuitable for the next process.

Incomplete curing is the third and perhaps the most critical issue arising from the use of mercury lamps. At times, this conventional method fails to achieve complete or uniform curing, leaving individual units undetachable from the tape, making pick-up impossible and disrupting the entire production process. 

Is there a solution to this? 

The answer is, yes.

A machine designed to eliminate all UV tape curing issues  

Delphic’s exclusive UV cure machine, which features a flash-irradiation lamp, is built to address the issues mentioned earlier. With this machine, users will achieve high-speed and perfect curing of UV tape with every cycle throughout the entire lifespan of the lamp.  This will result in a significant improvement in the overall levels of efficiency and productivity. 

Highlight features include:

  • Perfect UV tape curing for the entire lifespan of the lamp – While conventional mercury lamps deteriorate over time, our flash lamp technology remains in top working condition throughout the entire lifespan of the lamp. Using our UV cure machine, you can achieve perfect curing with every cycle. 
  • Faster curing speeds – Conventional mercury lamps have a curing speed of 45 seconds or more and produce an estimated 60 units per hour (UPH). Our UV cure machine cures in 3 to 8 seconds and at a gross UPH of 180.
  • More focused and therefore, more effective curing – Unlike conventional mercury lamps that scan the gross area of the wafer, our UV cure machine focuses precisely on the area that requires a cure and cures only where it is needed. This method also does not generate the intense heat of conventional mercury lamps, which may cause partial detachment between the tape and ring. 
  • Lower energy consumption and operational costs – Compared to conventional mercury lamps, our UV cure machine does not use nitrogen gas or heat in the curing process. This means lower energy and operation costs in the long run. 

If you’re still relying on conventional UV curing methods using mercury lamps and are experiencing process problems with high running costs, get in touch with us to learn more about our exclusive machine and a whole new generation of UV FLASH method curing technology!