Delphic Partners

Our partner companies include Singapore-based Flexmech Engineering and Applied Cutting Technologies as well as P.T. Ralindo Chem Tech, one of Indonesia’s leading supply chain businesses.

Collectively, we provide our clients with a full range of offerings from world-class manufacturing solutions to top-quality precision tooling components and equipment.

Founded in 1983, Flexmech Engineering Singapore is an established provider of global high-end precision manufacturing machine tools solutions.

With a regional presence and distribution network, Flexmech has grown to become the trusted partner for clients across a wide range of industries from Oil & Gas, Marine to Aerospace and Healthcare.

One of the first to introduce laser cutting technology in Singapore 30 years ago, Applied Cutting Technology is well-regarded for its efficiency, quality work and fair pricing.

Today, ACT specialises in High-Mix Low-Volume sheet metal works for a wide variety of applications across various industries.

A valuable partner, P.T Ralindo Chem Tech has been working with Delphic since 2015. They are a young and dynamic team that has been serving the electronics and aviation markets in Jakarta for 20 years.

Today, they supply Indonesia’s largest electronics producers with a range of well-manufactured, quality products.