Message from the Director: Making the COVID-19 Crisis Our Call to Action

In just a few short months, the COVID-19 virus has taken away a lot from so many of us.

As individuals, we have lost the freedom of movement, the ability to connect with one another in person, the feeling of safety when stepping outside of our homes. Sadly, some people have also lost their loved ones.

As a business owner, it feels like I’m being held hostage by this pandemic, which has disrupted so much of our operations, our work and our lives.

I have seen my friends faced with no choice but to close or seriously consider closing down their businesses, unable to bear the losses that increase exponentially with each passing day. It’s heartbreaking to watch and be unable to help.

Using what we know and have to #fightCOVID19

For me, one of the hardest things about the COVID-19 pandemic is the feeling of helplessness of having to endure something that, for now, has no solution. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for people who are serving at the frontline – healthcare workers, social workers, employees of essential services like supermarkets, delivery services, public transport, repair and maintenance services.

And so, I’ve decided to join this fight and do something to help those on the frontline as they put themselves at risk to keep us safe and keep us going.

Manufacturing is what I know and what I do best. And I want to use the facilities and resources we have to fabricate a number of items that would be useful to help maintain individual and overall safety while dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Item (1)

Door handle holders (handheld): For opening and closing doors without having to touch the handle.

Item (2)

Door handle holders (arm-held): For opening and closing doors without having to touch the handle.

Item (3)

Face shields: For protection of the entire face.

Item (4)

Mask straps: For holding face masks more securely in place.

Item (5)

Intubation boxes: For protection of medical professionals during intubation procedures.

Item (6)

Mask ventilators: To provide safe ventilation for face masks when regular supplies are critically low.

I am offering the above items to institutions and individuals in need, at no cost except for shipping fees, if any. While we aim to help as many as we possibly can, in order to manage our capacity to provide for those who are in dire need, we will have to review requests on a case by case basis.

Help us to spread the message

Please help to share this message with anyone or any organisation you know that is currently at the frontline, helping to fight and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute resources (eg. 3D printers) to help with the production of any of the items, please let us know too.

To get involved, please contact us here.

Let’s #fightcovid19 together!


Tan Ru-Ding
Director, Delphic Manufacturing Solution