A People-first Approach to Technical Sales

With the development and widespread adoption of new technologies today, industries and businesses are evolving more quickly than ever to stay competitive.  

While Delphic has come a long way since we first started, our core business philosophy and approach remain unchanged – we always put people first.

Sales Manager Lawrence Low

Lawrence Low, Regional Sales Manager (centre)

Staying relevant to customers’ needs.

In technical sales, many of our customers are well-versed in their field with deep industry or technical knowledge. To support them in a meaningful way, we need to be just as familiar with the industries that they are involved in, understand their business and speak their language.

Relevance is the key to effective customer engagement, says Lawrence Low, our regional sales manager. At Delphic, we have a long-standing practice of making regular, voluntary visits to study our customers’ operations and better understand their requirements. Over time, this enables us to more accurately identify and offer products and solutions that make a difference.

Investing in long-term relationships.

Building quality long-term customer relationships takes commitment, effort and time to yield results. Adopting a customer-centric approach means investing our resources to help our customers succeed in the long run, says Low.

One way that Delphic does this is by helping customers solve problems regardless of the cause or effort required. Our team readily provides on-site support, going above and beyond to help with troubleshooting and resolving issues. As a trusted partner, we want to make our customers feel valued, that their needs are prioritised and taken care of.

Making sales a team effort.

We believe that sales is a team effort aimed at creating a positive customer experience throughout the entire process – from initial meetings, technical consultations, providing sales quotations to delivery and quality assurance.

At Delphic, we encourage our teams to cooperate, support and share information with one another to achieve common goals. This enables us to operate more seamlessly, improve our service quality and transform the way we conduct sales – focusing on long-term partnerships instead of short-term transactions.

Growing the pipeline.

Always looking for new ways to add value to our customers, we continue to stay innovative and agile, improving our offerings by expanding our product lines and capabilities.

In addition to automation system design and mold system design, we have recently added additive manufacturing technology  to our growing inventory of products and services.

To keep up, we enable our teams to upskill themselves through training programmes on new technologies such as additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0 while we continue to enhance our operational capabilities with digitalisation, smart manufacturing operations and overall equipment effectiveness monitoring.

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