Highly skilled with unique capabilities and decades’ worth of extensive experience, our people play a central role in the success of our business and yours. Over the years, we have continuously invested in building in-house knowledge and expertise of a wide range of tooling and manufacturing methods. With a deep understanding of the business across the precision manufacturing supply chain and a strong track record, Delphic Manufacturing Solution and our team of Expert Technicians are well-equipped to exceed your expectations.

Ron Tan

RON TAN, Founder & Director

Paul Seow

PAUL SEOW, Manager (Components)

Tan Ru Ding

TAN RU-DING, Director

QD Management

喻少川,吴长茂, Qingdao Facility Management

Darren Chua

DARREN CHUA, Manager (Molding)

Billy Teoh

BILLY TEOH, International Sales